Idling Mode

Integral Mode:Registration user could be idle on Spirit to get points,then exchange balance in order to get memeber service and also transfered
to another account in order to trade between users.

Colocation Mode:Member user can colocate traffic in order to allocate software traffic inthe member center.It's convenient for user to manage
more idling clients.

1, --run-app-hide The software starts without displaying the interface and runs hidden. for example:ipts.exe --run-app-hide
2, --gj-name="id" id is account.It starts to be idling under integral mode after software run.for example:ipts.exe --gj-name="mysss@qq.com"
3, --gj-type=m m is type of idling mode,it's points when m=0,it's traffic when m=1
4, --gj-speed=n n is speed value,range is 1~3,3 is fastest.for example:ipts.exe --gj-speed=3
5, --cache-path="cpath" cpath is cache directory.for example:ipts.exe --cache-path=“c:\temp”
6, --cache-type=ctype ctype is cache type,=0 disk cache(low bandwidth usage),=1 memory cache(low disc read-write,it is enabled if memory
was bigger than 1G).for example:ipts.exe --cache-type=0
7, --cache-size=csize csize is max cache value(range of unit M is 256~2000M),it works if --cache-type=0,it will allocates memory cache
automatically if --cache-type=1.for example(max cache value is 512M):ipts.exe --cache-size=512

Example1:ipts.exe --gj-name="my@qq.com" --gj-type=0 --gj-speed=3
Example2:ipts.exe --gj-name="my@qq.com" --gj-type=1 --gj-speed=3 --cache-path="c:\temp" --cache-type=0 --cache-size=512
Example3:ipts.exe --gj-name="my@qq.com" --gj-type=0 --gj-speed=3 --cache-type=1
FAQ:What's abnormal behavior,how to deal with the behavior?
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