What's meaning of PV、UV and IP?
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PV(page view) refers to a number of pages which are viewed or clicked,which is a measure for visitor volume on the site.To be specific, PV value
is that all visitors view how many pages or how many times in one site in 24 hours(from 0 point to 24 point).PV is a times to refresh page,one PV
traffic,one page refreshing.

UV(unique visitor) refers to a number of people to visit one site or click one page with different IP.It's only recorded as first visit with unique IP,not
recorded for again in the same day.UV provides a index to count visitors during a given time,not total activity in the site.

IP could be understood as visitor with unique IP referring to a number to visit site with unique IP in the one day,regardless of how many pages it
visits with same IP,number of IP is 1.If it assumed that there is one IP in two PC,which recorded as one visit.

There is not big difference between IP and UV,in general, UV volume is a little higher than IP,it would be more accurate for each UV corresponding
to an actual visitor than IP.

1, UV greater than IP
The situation could be in the cybercafe,school and company etc,different visitor on the public IP or different kind of browser,then UV greater than IP.

2, UV less than IP
Because of dial-up internet access(ADSL) in most PC of family,IP could be different when one user visits your site in different time,IP will be
changed according to time,which called dynamic IP.
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