Recent Version:6.0.3
File Size:26.54 MB
Runtime Enviroment:XP,2003,Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10
1, Forever Free,No Registration.
2, Free&Full Support Service.
3, Switch Traffic and Integral Mode.
1, Mutual visit for traffic in different region.
2, Visit with browser under rule control.
3, Flexible use for different requirement.
1, Chrome Blink Core,No Virus No Trojan.
2, Filter Sound,Block Pop-ups.
3, Professional Team,Continual Upgrade.
Traffic Spirit is a software to promote website mainly for Webmaster,Web Store,Twitter,Facebook and Blog to rapidly improve traffic
(IP,PV,UV). It can fulfill all kinds of promotion requirements for website if flexible to use.
Notice:Be able to share traffic when Spirit running,No traffic,No Spirit!
E-Mail: contact@ipts.com
Recent Updates(2016.8.15):
1, Add command line paramenter of software running(view parameter).
2, Optimize logic of software,increase statistics successful rate.
3, Optimize fault-tolerant mechanism,decrease crash rate.
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